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Tippy Amick, Ph.D.

(850) 264-8753
Tallahassee, Florida, 32309

Tippy Amick Training: Specialists in Creating Positive Work Environments

The wellbeing of our employees is critical to our success because our people ARE our organization!  Engaged, positive teams lead to better performance and generate a more positive work environment.  At Tippy Amick Training, we design and deliver dynamic training programs  that address the common barriers to open communication, opt5imism, productivity, and good old-fashioned team camaraderie.

Our programs are infused with high energy, engaging activities and proven practices that lead to lasting results for your organization.  If you are ready to leave the status quo behind and head toward enhanced morale and consistently good leadership, then please contact Tippy Amick Training by visiting the testimonial section of this site. 

We would be happy to completely customize you workshop, stay in touch after the session, and we promise not to break your bank!

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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